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  Die Produktion  

Our most important tool is the so called “Model”. We differentiate between two kinds:  the “Model”  with an even surface to apply the tint,  and the  Pattern- Model, genuine artworks, which are either carved or form the pattern through skillfully driven in brass pins.

Wichtig, genaue Fortsetzung des Musters.

Every model has onset-points (extra pins which leave tiny dots on the fabric where the Model has to be set on again)   which enable an exact continuation of the pattern


Naturally, apart from the Model the tints play an important role as well.

Fixieren der Stoffe

Nowadays we need the help of modern chemistry in order to produce entirely light- and colourproof block prints.

4 Meter langen Tisch aufgespannt

Bedrucken der Seide

The actual procedure of printing

First of all, the fabric is strectched onto the the work table of about 4 meters length, using numerous small pins. Next the piece of work has to be pre-divided with pencil  for the pattern to be applied.
After that, the tint can be brushed onto the so called “Druckflies” (Printfleece) which serve as a stamp-pad: the “Model” gets dipped into the paint and then carefully pushed onto the fabric.

Echte Handarbeit mit Qualität

All tints and patterns are applied to the fabric entirely by hand.


After the fixation process  through heat,  the colours are fast. The application of knot-fringes made of pure silk thread is also a process of delicate handicraft.

(The delicate knot-fringes made of pure silk are also applied in handwork.)

Individuelle Gestaltung der Tracht

Finally we created a premium block-print, which will give pleasure to the owner for a lifetime and at the same time contributes to the individual interpretation and preservation of our precious traditional costumes.

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